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City to Sea Home Inspections LLC uses the Palm-Tech report system for its home inspection reports.  This fully comprehensive program covers hundreds of items within the eight major sections of the report such as:


Our reports are electronic and emailed to you, for your convenience.   Our inspectors input information in the electronic report, digital photographs, and sometimes video during the inspection.  Photos are taken of significant deficiencies for later reference and for the report highlights or concerns. Reports are generated on site and finalized via computer off site. Due to the extensive details on these electronic reports, the picture markups, and the expertise presented by our inspectors; the report writing takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete. (Please note: this is an average. Some reports can take much longer.)

It is our policy to have inspection reports sent to clients about 48 hours after the inspection.  This allows for travel time (both ways), the inspection itself, report writing, picture detailing, descriptive information and investigation or research when necessary.

Please view a sample home inspection report (press on link to view/download )  When viewing, notice the report describes, section by section, the details concerning each system of the home.

Sample Reports:

Example Report

Example Report 2

Example 3 Report

Pre-Inspection Agreement:

Pre-Inspection Agreement


Florida Standards of practice for Home Inspections: